Spectroscopies of Novel Superconductors (SNS) 
12-16 December, 2022  

SNS 2022 will follow a successful series of international conferences in Argonne (1991), Sendai (1992), Santa Fe (1993); Stanford (1995), Cape Cod (1997), Chicago (2001), Sitges (2004), Sendai (2007), Shanghai (2010), Berkeley (2013), Stuttgart (2016), and Tokyo (2019). Leading experts in spectroscopy, transport, materials, and theory will meet to address current issues in the frontier of superconductivity research. Highlights to be discussed include the pairing mechanisms of cuprates, ruthenates, nickelates, pnictides, chalcogenides, graphene, heavy-fermions, Kagome, hydrides superconductors; inversion and time-reversal broken superconductors; dilute, low-dimensional superconductors; disorder superconductors; interplay between superconductivity and competing orders and non-Fermi-liquids; non-equilibrium superconductivity; superconducting diodes, experiments under extreme conditions; ultrafast spectroscopies, new experimental methods; and the design and discovery of novel superconductors with higher Tc.

Date of the Conference

12-16 December, 2022


Faculty Hall, Main Building,

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India